Everyday Makeup Pro-Tips

Pro-tip 1 is for those of you who want to quickly do your look and dash.

For everyday no-makeup-makeup look, pick shades that match your skin’s undertones.

Here’s the drill –

Pick warm shades to go with your warm undertones - makeup shades that have a slight yellow-orange undertone, so it adds the touch of color to your face while looking ever so natural.

For complexions with cool undertones, a natural everyday look can be achieved with shades with cool undertones like pink, blue or ash-y grey.

Similarly, for complexions with a neutral undertone, makeup shades with neutral undertones are ideal to create a natural everyday look.

Also, remember to take the time and blend out the color to ensure the makeup looks natural.

Another pro-tip to ensure that the makeup doesn’t look patchy is by adding a little color to areas of the face that may not be the most commonly focused on for a particular product. For instance, you could add your blush to the outer ends of your eyelids and a slight bit on the bridge of the nose as well, so that the blush on the cheeks looks like your natural blush and not just a patch of makeup.

Pro-tip 3 - For transforming your look very quickly to that for an evening out, or for a special lunch, add elements that standout from your everyday look – For example, maybe a bright lip color, with rest of the look being subtle. Or a shade of lipstick or blush, with a contrasting undertone, so that it stands out and makes a statement. You could choose to keep the rest of the look mostly low-key, or dial up the number of elements you want should standout and choose shades accordingly.

For an elaborate or fun look, you may team up shades with contrasting undertones – Set up your warm lipstick with a cool blush to stand out and so on.

Last but not the least, a true blessing is to have skincare benefits along with the color in your products, as it minimizes the amount of product, time and effort required to put your best face forward, consistently – To make sure your makeup looks natural (not patchy), using fewer products for the base is the best idea. And if they serve the purpose of skincare as well, you’re taking away so much product usage, time and effort from your makeup routine!