The name TRUDIANCE reflects the True Radiance of every woman. Radiance that comes from within, when you feel happy, beautiful, self-confident. When you feel your real POWERFUL self.

At Trudiance, we believe that all the powers of the universe come together to make a woman like you.

You are multifaceted. So many great things at the same time!
Compassionate + Determined.
Sensitive + Strong.
Emotional + Practical.
Ready to Sacrifice for your loved ones + a Go Getter.

You are always + ! 

Trudiance is inspired by you! We present to you mindfully created products that are multifaceted and bring together only the real good things, to compliment your true radiance.




Color + Care

We set out to create a line of everyday makeup that you would wear without the worry of getting your skin harmed. We did, in fact, go one step further to add the + to our products - We managed to create makeup products that actually nourish the skin!

We call it makeup infused with skincare benefits. Powerful, indeed.

Our products are also considerately designed to keep out the toxins and strive to find the balance between what is efficacious and also compassionate towards our fellow living beings.